Frequently Asked Questions


1. Pick a Blender. (Pick the monthly package that fits best with your budget)
2. Fill the Blender. (Upload your stems, must be 24-bit wav files zipped up)
3. Start Blending. (Music is assigned to one of our extremely talented audio engineers and the mixing (blending) begins)
4. Once your material is verified we'll work our magic and send you an Audition MP3.
3. You can approve it or submit tweaks, we'll then revise the mix for you.
4. Once approved we'll send you the full quality Master as a WAV (24bit 44.1k) file.

Logic Pro X
Pro Tools
Studio One
Ableton Live
Cubase Pro
Propellerhead Reason
FL Studio
Cockos Reaper
Bitwig Studio
MOTU Digital Performer
Mixcraft Pro Studio

Whatever is necessary to blend the track properly. We have over 1000 pro audio plugins. (e.g., Waves, SSL, FabFilter, Slate Digital)

Once you sign up for a membership you will see a stem upload form in your account page.

No. Stems must be bounced as 24 bit 44.1 khz WAV format and sent as a zip file

Until you approve the final result we will send you tagged mp3 files with drops in the song. Once you approve the final result you can choose up to two final bounce formats. (e.g., 16-bit or 24-bit WAV or MP3)